A Common Sense Approach to Electric Boating

5 Fast Facts About Your Electric Boat:

  1. The power unit is a 10 HP electric motor (48 volts) with forward and reverse.
  2. The steering wheel control two rudders located at the stern and will turn two full revolutions from center to full port or starboard.
  3. The boat gross weight is 3200 pounds.
  4. Full speed is around 7 knots
  5. Slowing down and full stop is accomplished by reducing motor power and applying reverse propeller.

Good Driving Creates The Smoothest Sails

  • A way to look at electric boat steering is instead “guiding the boat”.
    • A left turn is started with a touch to the left then relaxed to allow time for the front of the boat to turn in desired direction.
    • Then simply “touch” the wheel to the right.
    • Over steering happens very quickly if you turn the wheel like you do with a vehicle on the road.
  • Cruising on a straight course? Simple right and left “touches” on the wheel will keep you on a straight course. Adjustments will need to be made for wind and current.

Safety is Key

  • Children under 12 years old must wear PFD’s from the office, on the dock and to the boat.
  • Boaters are requested to keep at least 20 feet from shore line due to draft and shallow water. (Meeting other boats in the connecting canal may be an exception but extreme caution must be exercised)
  • Docking at other than home port can cause boat damage. Fenders are attached if requested for docking at Chinook, North Bay or Bill Ellis parks for bathroom stops. Docking at homes is discouraged but permitted with experienced tour leaders.
  • Playing games using the boats in racing or other close proximity actions is not permitted. Watercraft does not respond to quick steering or stopping commands.